City Flood Crisis Might Be Averted…unless it isn`t

Officials at the Belize City Council now admit that the last few days of mildly heavy rains have exposed a critical technical flaw in municipal roadbuilding efforts. These officials, who have been intimately involved with daily maintenance efforts, have now determined, after multiple tests (seismic, pregnancy, pop quiz), that the city’s potholes may not be adequate to cope with the volume of water these rains have dumped on the city.

Efforts are therefore under way to ponder the matter deeply. Experts suggest that new, more modern potholes may have to be tested in residential areas such as King’s Park, where “the residents all have SUVs anyway,” and “it’ll distract them from this whole Wagons business.” Potholes will be tested for depth, width, sharpness of gradient, and ’splashiness.’

Civic-minded residents are encouraged to call the City Council and report if they feel their potholes would be suitable for testing.

I just had to reprint this it was sooo funny. Subscribe to their feed for more Political Satire.
Taken from the Habanero Press


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